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SlotWorld prides itself in its no hassle, no jumping though hoops, and honest reward’s Players Club.  We don’t make you choose how to spend your rewards on food or cash, you get both!  Plus with regular play on your card you can earn a third balance of Freeplay.  The Freeplay is given once a week, for a whole month.

We also have another way to reward our players.  Our cards have four different levels.

  • White Card

    This is our introductory card.  Sign up and spin our prize wheel to determine your “Welcome to SlotWorld bonus”.  You earn rewards at the same rate as all of our cards.

  • Gold Card

    This is our second level card.  Now you can participate in some exclusionary free promotions, like our Slot Tournaments.

  • Players Plus

    This is our third level card. Free access to our coffee Barista, just show your card. We also have monthly parties and events that flashing your card gets you in, bring a guest for parties or free coffees. Plus you also get $2.00 off in Betsy’s Café when you pay with cash for your food.

  • Players Plus Diamond

    This is our fourth level card.  You receive all benefits listed with the other cards as well as some additional rewards.  This one comes with exclusive invitational events and promotions.  Plus you receive full bar comps whether you’re playing or just coming in to relax in our club house.  Your Betsy’s Café discount of $2.00 is good for everyone at the table with you when you pay with cash for your food.

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